Chef Backpack | Modern Culinary Chef Knife Backpack

$120.00 $85.00

Extremely durable: this chef’s backpack is lightweight, portable and padded, designed with quality in mind to withstand years of daily use.

Organized storage space: fits the entire array of culinary tools in the arsenal (20+ knives and other tools!) with special slots for sharpening rods, pens and zippered pouch for additional tools! Large compartments can fit cooking utensils, spices, cutting board, tablet, phone, charger, business cards and more ALSO INCLUDES a roll-up knife holder for 7 knives + additional compartment for other other tools!

The main compartment is EXPANDABLE for additional storage space! We want our chefs, cooks and culinary experts to be configured with the best equipment possible.

It has more than just room for knives, it has pockets and compartments to store all your work tools!

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